Friday, November 11, 2011

Red State

A trio of high school boys set up a gang bang via internet, only to find out they've been duped by fundamentalists. This is just the first story of many that follow in Smith's serious, dark and unnecessarily episodic RED STATE. Lots of good lines, and Parks is terrifically sinister as the leader of the Five Points Church, and John Goodman is surprisingly fitting as an ATF Agent. However, flaws are apparent right from the beginning with the poorly cast teens Angarano, Braun and Gallner who are obviously too old for their roles, especially Gallner who just won't stop playing an emo high schooler despite the fact that he was out of high school by 2004 (THE SHIELD, JENNIFER'S BODY, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET all post-2004). There are even less superficial problems with the story; the film is trying to say something ignorance and intolerance, yet itself comes from a very bitter and stereotypical area. If RED STATE isn't hypocrisy for you, then what is? The film seems to be one story's ricochet from the previous, going on for 88 minute, while failing to have the basic concept of arcing. A total backfire. Smith just needs to stick to comedy.