Sunday, April 14, 2013

Evil Dead

Contemporary effort of the now-legendary 1981 Raimi film is refreshing at first, but finds itself being overlong once all the gore and scares have peaked in the middle. The story-differences between the old and new films create an intensity that gives fans from the original series an equal amount of jolts as the newcomers, and the cast is slightly more likable than your typical horror film—though that's still not saying a whole lot, unfortunately. The opening scene is completely unnecessary, even though it was pretty cool. The main issue with this film is the main issue with many remakes… modernization. And the main issue with modernization is that itself will one day be outdated, not unlike its inspiration. Thus, pointlessness. The different ending doesn't change anything either; nice try. If the objective was to place the audience in Hell for 90 minutes, mission accomplished; but there is a feeling of emptiness when camp and low-budget are absent from an Evil Dead story.