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This blog uses a four star rating system. The lowest rating is "BOMB", followed by one and a half stars, rising in half-star increments to a maximum of the coveted four stars. The only exceptions to this is two mysterious films, which are rated with three and a quarter stars out of four.

What are these two mysterious films that received this peculiar rating?

You'll have to look through my reviews to find out.

Is there a reward for finding one or both of them?

Well, I didn't lose them, so why would I reward you for finding them?  Isn't finding them and reading their reviews and seeing that weird looking ¼-star reward enough?  Apparently not.  Tell ya what; the first person to find both should e-mail me at and they'll get a prize.

What's the prize?

You like to read?  What about horror?  You have a strong stomach and an open mind?  If so, I'll gift you a copy of the many signed books by C. W. Schultz which I obtained through the notorious author himself in a promotion exchange.  Pretty good books; I highly recommend.

The Cornfield People

The Cornfield People is the title of a lost and/or unfinished horror film that was possibly written, edited, produced and/or directed by Joey L Asap.  There were sightings of Asap with a film crew near Carleton Farm in Lake Stevens, WA in late 1999.  If theories and rumors are true about the Carleton Farm sighting being a filming location of The Cornfield People, then this would make it the youngest known lost film.

Though not a direct adaptation, the film is supposedly based on Asap’s article “The Truth and No Room for Debate”, which first appeared in Paranormal Pacific in September 1998.  The film is about Asap’s experience investigating the Cornfield People, a secret society that knows the meaning of life and what comes after death.  It is essential to the Cornfield People to keep their knowledge hidden and will stop at nothing to protect their secret.

Despite “The Truth and No Room for Debate” being overlooked (most likely due to Paranormal Pacific removing the article after only a few printings), acknowledgement of the film's possibly existence finally appeared in the media after Asap died in a house fire.  As of this writing, all known footage of The Cornfield People is believed to have been in Asap’s home at the time of the fire—however, many claim that the film never even existed.

Several internet sites have attempted to debunk “The Truth and No Room for Debate” and The Cornfield People as hoaxes, owing to minimal obtainable evidence of their existences.  However, in March 2009, journal entries, production stills and script excerpts were provided by anonymous tipsters and presumed supporters of Asap’s work.

Skeptics still maintain that the film and article are hoaxes and that the information surfaced in March 2009 could have been made by anyone and was perhaps fan-fic by someone mesmerized by the mysteriousness of the film.

Author C. W. Schultz is in the process of writing a book on The Cornfield People entitled A Book About a Film which is expected to be released sometime in 2015.

If anyone has more information on The Cornfield People, please reply to this blog or e-mail me at  Yes, there will be a prize.

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  1. If I find the 1/4 star, can I win a copy of CORNFIELD PEOPL?