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Whether it be a movie you made, a friend made, or some random pick out of your DVD collection, the Geekster is down to watch it.  Please allow up to two weeks for a reply to your request.  Requests are denied all the time, so don't feel bad.  If your request is accepted, please allow up to eight weeks for the Geekster to post his capsule review on Geekster On Movies and IMDb.  Your review will also appear in the following edition's Geekster Guide, published annually.

The Geekster reserves the right to praise or criticize in his capsule review.  As a fellow storyteller, the Geekster understands what it's like to have a bad review, so he will make sure to be constructive.  The blog uses a four star rating system. The lowest rating is "BOMB", followed by one and a half stars, rising in half-star increments to a maximum of the coveted four stars. The only exceptions are two mysterious films, which are rated with three and one quarter stars out of four.

Please fill out the form below, and e-mail it to  Important Note: If you fail to include the form in your request, it is automatically denied.

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