Thursday, February 9, 2012


Charismatic computer-animated musical comedy about two Spix's Macaws on the run in Rio de Janeiro from three bird smugglers and their crusty evil Macaw (voiced viciously perfect by Jemaine Clement). One of the macaws is a flightless domestic, trying to find his owner Mann who's equally lost in the large Brazilian city; while the other is a wild bird trying to escape to freedom. Along the way, they come across many colorful (no pun intended) characters played by, Foxx, Lopez and Morgan. What makes this film such a delight is the accuracy at recreating the wonderful avian creatures for the big screen. The comedy can be a bit too slapstick at times, and the musical numbers have the misfortune of being completely out of place; but the film not only has an appeal for parents and children alike, but also any bird lover.